Automobile based Project

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Sr. No.Name of the Project
1.Accident avoiding vehical
2.Air brake system without air tank
3.Automatic electro-magnetic clutch
4.Automatic guided vehicle
5.Automatic hand brake lever releasing & braking
6.Automatic head light on for two wheeler
7.Automatic rain operated wiper for four wheeler
8.Automatic side indicator on/off when turning for two wheeler
9.Automatic side stand remover for bike
10.Automobile battery charging system
11.Battery operated hydraulic jack
12.Battery operated mechanical jack
13.Brake failure and engine overheat indicator
14.Braking energy storage in flywheel
15.Button operated gear changing system for two wheeler
16.Closed car temperature controlling system
17.Compressed air and electricity generation in vehicle suspension
18.Compressed air engine four wheeler
19.Compressed air engine two wheeler
20.Compressed air production in vehicle suspension system
21.Cut-section model of two wheeler engine with working
22.Demo. model hydraulic braking system
23.Demo. model of disc brake system
24.Demo. model of solar train
25.Design and analysis of kinetic energy recovery system in bicycles
26.Design and Modification of vacuum braking system
27.Development of fluid coupling for power transmission
28.Double axis pneumatic JCB equipment
29.Dual braking in single lever
30.Electric bicycle/bike
31.Electrical power steering mechanism for four wheeler
32.Electricity generation using foot step
33.Electricity generation using speed breaker
34.Electronic  injector testing equipment for petrol engine
35.Energy generation using shock observer
36.Exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR) for two wheeler
37.Fabrication model of go cart vehicle
38.Fabrication of gas kit for two wheeler
39.Fabrication of hydraulic fork lift
40.Fabrication of motorized gear shifting mechanism for two wheeler
41.Fabrication of pneumatic braking system for automobile
42.Fabrication of three axis pneumatic modern trailer
43.Fabrication of turbo charger for two wheeler
44.Fuel efficiency increase using water injection in two wheeler engine
45.Generation of compressed air using speed breaker
46.Hybrid car
47.Hydraulic liner puller
48.Injector testing equipment for diesel engine
49.Mechanical wiper for four wheeler
50.Mini bio-gas plant
51.Model of C.R.D.I System
52.Model of fuel injection pump with injector
53.Model of M.P.F.I System
54.Multi wheel nut-bolt remover & tightner
55.Paddle power compressor
56.Pneumatic bumper for four wheeler
57.Pneumatic clutch operating system
58.Pneumatic emergency braking system
59.Pneumatic gear shifting mechanism for two wheeler
60.Pneumatic jack for Four wheeler
61.Pneumatic operated jack toggle type
62.Power seat for luxury bus
63.Rack & pinion steering mechanism with head light turning
64.Smart car parking system
65.Solar car with battery(mini model)
66.Solar car without battery(mini model)
67.Solar operate tricycle for physically disabled person
68.Solar operated car working model
69.Solar operated electric bicycle
70.Sterling engine
71.Thermo-electric refrigerator for automobile
72.Transformation vehicle in changing size as per application
73.Worm gear screwed jack


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